Captivating Capiz Quote

This is the day when Pweng Bee is captivating Google and at the same time, Captivating Capiz. This is a seo contest and upon checking, her homepage topped the serps of Yahoo and Google on the keyword “captivating capiz.

How can that be? Pweng Bee is not even optimizing her blog for that keyword. She never thought that it could rank that well. She’s still happy with it because maybe as a seo goddess, some power took over her. Continue reading


Supernatural Creatures Captivating Capiz


Captivating CAPIZ

Welcome to PinoyRazzi! The launching of this blog will introduce you about captivating Capiz. The main reason why Capiz is very captivating because of some supernatural creatures that have been a superstitious belief of the people of Capiz.

The most captivating supernatural creature in Capiz is the Aswang or Asuwang. Ghoul is the English term of Aswang. Word of mouth has spread all over Capiz about the creature and was considered to be the most fearful creature.

This captivating belief had become known not only in Capiz but also in Iloilo and Antique. The places mentioned are located in the Western Visayas, a region in the Philippines. Continue reading